I love photographing wildlife, whatever the species. I am very much a novice when it comes to photographing birds. Partly because my bird knowledge is somewhat lacking. Lucky for me I have a good friend who provides bird tours and tuition, you can visit his blog here. He has given me loads of tips and […]

Great Tit

Photograph of a Great Tit bird. Shot taken at Thursley Common, south west Surrey. Unfortunately the detail is not brilliant as I have had to heavily crop the image, but I still like it so I thought I would share. Earlier this year when I purchased a 400mm lens, I assumed I would be able […]

Beneath my feet

A collection of images photographed at a low angle. Shots taken in Burpham, Surrey. WPC – Beneath my feet Source: Composeandshoot Blog

WPC – Close up

Macro shot of a not-so-perfect spotted ladybird, on top of a daisy flower. Ladybird WPC Source: Composeandshoot Blog

Where do you find inspiration?

A few years back when I lived in Nottingham, I used to try to visit the Peak District as often as possible. For those who have never heard of the peak district, it is a large national park in central England. It is a quiet place you can escape to, to gather your thoughts and to […]

88 Wood Street

These architectural photographs are of a stunning building located in central London known as 88 Wood Street. The building took 2 years to build and was completed in 1998 costing a staggering 52,000,000. For me, the yellow steel beams that can be seen through the glass walled building makes it incredibly photogenic. Source: Composeandshoot Blog

WPC – Roy G. Biv

Images for this weeks photographic challenge on the Daily Post is entitled Roy G. Biv, or to me and you, colours of the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. I have decided to use a collection of recent images, one for each colour. Orange and violet was tricky but I managed it, thank […]

Broadgate Square

These 2 cityscape photographs were taken in Broadgate Square, central London. It’s a little square with a handful of restaurants surrounded by some stunning architecture. The building in the background in the 2 images is ‘5 Broadgate’ which is still under construction. This is also my post for this weeks photographic challenge with the subject […]

Rocket cars

A few weeks ago I attended a drag racing event at Santa Pod raceway in the UK. The event was part of the FIA drag racing championships. During the event they showcase what are known as funny cars. FireForce attended with 2 different rocket cars. FF3 Develops thrust with the equivalent of 10,000 BHP. Has a 1/4 […]


I took these photographs a few months ago but I just forgot about them. As I like to take part in the Daily Post weekly photographic challenges, these seem to fit the bill for the subject ‘Vivid’ All images were taken with the Sigma 50mm macro lens. A lens I don’t use as much as I would like […]