Objects of Little Venice

For those who have never visited the little gem of London called ‘Little Venice’, you really need to take a trip down there.

However if you are expecting the looks and grandness of Venice Italy. Welllllllllllllll, I got to tell ya, it’s nowhere close.But nevertheless it’s still a nice place, see below.

Little venice canal

Little venice canal

Although I am sure most of the canal boats parked up are from people either passing through. There are still quite a few which are permanantly moored and permanent residences. They have little garden spaces where you can expect to see lovely little peices which make for great photo opportunities, a few examples below.

Tree lanterns
Watering jub
Plant pot
Bike trailer

All these images were taken with just a 50mm lens. At times I just leave the house with this since lens to make it more challenging. Try it!!

Source: Composeandshoot Blog

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