Chinese new year – London

Although I wasn’t blessed with good weather. Here’s a few images from yesterdays celebrations in London for Chinese new year. Source: Composeandshoot Blog

Fox’s at the British Wildlife Centre

The British wildlife centre is located on the border between Surrey and Kent and is packed with British wildlife such as Foxes, owls, red squirrels, badgers, polecats, etc. This was my second visit at the BWC and although during the winter, there are less animals to see, I managed to get quite a few decent […]

Brecon Beacons, Wales

I visited the stunning Brecon Beacons, south Wales, some time ago now. But I came across this shot which I just disregarded, and left buried on my hard drive. Sometimes shots need a revisit like this one. I had a burst of inspiration, of which I managed to produce something I am pretty pleased with!! […]

WPC – Tiny things

My take on this weeks photographic challenge entitled ‘Tiny things‘. These shots were taken in a wooded area in Surrey, UK. Source: Composeandshoot Blog


Here is my submission for this weeks photographic challenge – H2O Below photo was shot at the salt marshes of Guérande, north west France. An area where they farm salt in small sections lakes near the west coast of France The salt marshes of Guérande Source: Composeandshoot Blog

WPC – Nostalgia

This weeks photographic challenge is entitled Nostalgia. For me, it’s got to be the peak district up in Derbyshire. I used to visit the peaks a few times a year, as it was just a stone throw away from Nottingham where I used to live. Since moving down to the south, it would take a […]

Finding Inspiration

I have a tendency to photograph a lot, but then just fail to find the time or inspiration to edit them. I then end up with hundreds of images wasting space on a hard drive. I am sure I am not the only one….. Today I have woke up with nothing planned. So time cannot […]

Amsterdam Centraal

The bus station in Amsterdam named ‘Amsterdam Centraal’, is such a stunning structure. With its coloured glass roof, which create gorgeous shadows. Here are a few I took during a recent visit.   Source: Composeandshoot Blog

WPC – Look Up

Better late then never so they say! But here is my take on this weeks photographic challenge, titled ‘Look Up’. This stunning ceiling can be found at the Leadenhall market in London.   Click here to see other photographers take on this weeks WPC Source: Composeandshoot Blog

Objects of Little Venice

For those who have never visited the little gem of London called ‘Little Venice’, you really need to take a trip down there. However if you are expecting the looks and grandness of Venice Italy. Welllllllllllllll, I got to tell ya, it’s nowhere close.But nevertheless it’s still a nice place, see below. Little venice canal […]