Landscape photography

A collection of my landscape photos by Jonathan Dudley. From plains, to mountains, to seascapes, to cluttered cityscapes. With regards to areas of photography, this has to be my favourite. With landscape photography you have the ability to take your time, relax and think about what photo you want to achieve. I also love the […]

Wildlife photography

A collection of wildlife and animal portraits by Jonathan Dudley. After landscape photography, wildlife is what I love to photograph. I love the idea of trying to capture animals in there natural habitat and the ability to portray life to the viewer from something else other then a human being. When shooting wildlife, I photograph […]


A collection of portraits by Jonathan Dudley. Some staged and some more street photography or candid. Trying to display something about the subjects personality is key but this is difficult. Photographing people is difficult, especially staged studio shots. As trying to achive perfect composition and lighting is just the start. Making your subject feel at […]