Horsley Common Forest Landscape

I love Horsley Common. A great place for a wonder. This time of year though, there are not many photo opportunities. The ground is pretty much dead and it’s now too cold for macro shots of mushrooms. I was disappointed with the shots I bagged on this recent visit. However on my way back to […]


I love photographing wildlife, whatever the species. I am very much a novice when it comes to photographing birds. Partly because my bird knowledge is somewhat lacking. Lucky for me I have a good friend who provides bird tours and tuition, you can visit his blog here. He has given me loads of tips and […]

Green Fly

Photographing insects is not something I really go out looking for, mostly because I cannot stand them. But this Green Fly was very still and extremely colorful that I saw an opportunity and thought I would give it a go. Shot with a 50mm macro, it’s not quite pin sharp but I am pretty pleased […]